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Dorset House Orthodontics & Facial Aesthetics fee guide

Following an initial consultation we will provide you with a bespoke Treatment Plan detailing the treatments we recommend, together with the costs associated with the treatments.

We are currently offering all our clients a free consultation and the option to spread the cost of the treatment with monthly instalments. Full details of all our offers can be found below.

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over £1000

Our Fees

Facial Aesthetics

Toxin 1 area £125
Toxin 2 area £200
Toxin 3 area £250
Hyperhydrosis £350
Glycolic, Lactic & Salicylic 30-50% peels (single treatment) £80
Glycolic, Lactic & Salicylic 30-50% peels (course of 4) £240
The Perfect Peel® £350
Filler lips 1ml £250
Filler lips 1/2ml £150
Filler fine 1ml £200
Filler deep £220
Filler deep additional £165
Filler contour 1ml £250
Filler contour additional £200
Plasma upper or lower eyelid (per session) £300
Plasma upper and lower eyelid treatment (per session) £500
Plasma smoker lines (per session) £250
Plasma brow lift (per session) £250
Plasma forehaed lines (per session) £200 to £350
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy £350
Profhilo £250
PDO threads - upper lip smoker's line (10 spiral threads) £200
PDO threads - jawline treatment (40 mono threads) £350
PDO threads - double chin treatment (25 spiral threads) £450
PDO threads - supplemental cog threads (price for 2) £150
Sunekos course £600
Microneedling single treatment £150
Course of 4 treatments £600
Profhilo treatment (per session) £250
DesoBody & DesoFace From £400*
Tear Trough filler £250
Non-surgical rhinoplasty £250
  • per session, depending on number / size of areas to be treated


Consultation Free
Full orthodontic assessment £50
Invisalign from £2,095
Invisalign comprehensive including 2 sets of removable retainers £3,595
Invisalign less comprehensive options (if suitable) from £2,095
Invisalign comprehensive including 2 sets of removable retainers for under 18s £3,195
Upper and lower fixed braces with ceramic brackets £2,600
Single arch fixed brace with ceramic brackets (if appropriate) £1,600
Upper and lower fixed braces for under 18s £1,500
Replacement removable retainer £60
Fixed retainer £150
Post orthodontic tooth whitening course £120

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